Black Domina Feminised Seeds
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Black Domina Feminised Seeds

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Black Domina Feminized from Sensi Seeds is a unique Indica blend, created for those who are looking for the ideal medicinal strain. Perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation, this compact plant flowers in just 50 days and proudly presents a unique flavor profile enriched with warm, spicy aromas, blackberry and black pepper notes that contribute to her name. An utterly charming lady!


Black Domina Feminized: Very Potent Indica Strain with Incredible Results

Black Domina Feminized is a 95% Indica strain, which has been used countless times by those looking for a medicinal strain. The genetics of Afghan, Ortega, Northern Lights and Hash give it a unique blend of deep, powerful relaxation. Ideal for those suffering from pain issues and insomnia.


Growing Strong Lady

Despite being a cross-breed strain, this plant is covered with resin almost all the time. It is compact, suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors. You can expect a heavy yield for both environments and will suit a moderate to the experienced grower. Indoors you can expect an average to mild smell in both the vegetation and flowering periods, so it’s great for those unable to install filters. You can flip your lighting timers to 12/12 right away once in the flowering period to ensure maximum yield. Outdoors, the plant is best suited to a warm and sunny environment with plenty of room to grow. Try using nutrient-dense soil and make sure to expose your crops to plenty of sunlight.

  • Famous mix of earthiness and spicy aromas and taste.
  • Highly relaxing effect on the body, giving you complete, long-lasting high.
  • Short flowering period of only 50-55 days.
  • Multi-time Cannabis Cup winner.


Seductive, High-Quality Strain

The strong Indica effect is incredibly potent. Users report a happy sensation immediately, followed by an intense numbing sensation all around the body, creating an ultimate relaxation and pain relief for those suffering. It has also reported being used by those with anxiety and depression users.

Genetics Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani
Type 95% Indica
Flowering Time 50-55 Days
Yield Large
Taste Savory, Blackberry, Black Pepper, Black Hashish
Smell Savory, Blackberry, Black Pepper, Black Hashish
Effect Narcotic, Powerful
Grows Indoors/Outdoors